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The Tacttop Plate Carrier is a simple yet highly functional plate carrier. It consists of four straps that are secured by an arm band. This arm band is made of a plastic sleeve that is fully lined for durability and resistance to high temperatures and pressures. This plate carrier can hold up to seven M.O.L.L. plates. This carrier is suitable for law enforcement and special forces units.

The TactOP Plate Carrier is specifically designed for women and is made of a flexible, fully lined plastic sleeve for maximum comfort. It is compatible with various chest rigs and extensions. This plate carrier can be used for tactical operations and everyday wear as well. It can be attached to a vest, a backpack, or a modular assault pack. For a more comfortable fit, you can choose a lighter option.

The TactoPage carrier has many advantages. For starters, it’s easier to use and can hold more plates than soft body armor. In addition, you can customize the carrier to meet the requirements of a particular situation. Most plate carriers come with multiple slots for individual plates, so you can easily insert your own plate. If you are looking for a lighter option, consider a specialized backpack with a pocket for hydration and extra magazines.

The TactoP Plate Carrier is made from polyethylene, ceramic, or a blend of these materials (more information). Different types of plate provide different levels of protection. The TactoP allows you to interchange your plate with different types of armor, which is useful when switching out the plate. TYR Tactical is an industry leader in protective gear, providing protective gear for law enforcement and military personnel alike. If you’re looking for an attractive plate carrier to conceal your tactical gear, this can be an excellent choice.